3 Embarrassing Dental Problems Teens Face

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Being a teenager comes with many sets of problems, some that can be helped, and some that can't. Young children can't wait to get to their teen years. They are sure their teeth are done falling out by the age of 13 and all permanent teeth have grown in. However, if not careful, there still are embarrassing dental problems that lie ahead. Below you will find three embarrassing dental problems that teens face.

1. Infections Related to Oral Piercings

While oral piercings may seem cool, in reality mouth jewelry can cause teens any number of dental problems. The reason is that the mouth contains all forms of bacteria and piercings can cause swelling and infection to occur. It is easy for a tooth to get hit and cracked or knocked out during the procedure. So much, in fact, that the tooth can't be fixed.

Infected piercings can cause serious septic infections and also cause hepatitis and endocarditis. In rare cases, the infection resulting from a mouth piercing has been known to close off the airway of the teen who has it, resulting in death.

2. Teeth Erosion due to Eating Disorders

Eating disorders amongst teens are caused by peer pressure along with emotional and physical conditions. The constant vomiting that occurs for those with eating disorders can lead to serious erosion of the teeth and gums.

Also, since the teen doesn't get the proper nutrition, the tissues inside of the mouth are prone to bleeding easily. It is important that you seek help right away for your teen if you feel that they are suffering from an eating disorder, not only for their dental health, but their overall health as well.

3. Overcrowded Teeth

The main reason for overcrowded teeth is that the incoming teeth are too big for the jaw. Overcrowded teeth are said to be hereditary, so it is highly possible that if one child in a family suffers from this condition, others in the family will as well. Malocclusion is the legal name for overcrowded teeth, and if untreated, can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems.

These are just three of the main embarrassing dental problems that teens face. Infections and eating disorders are both embarrassing problems that can be prevented with a little common sense. As noted, there are problems that could be hereditary, such as overcrowded teeth. But, your teen's dentist like one at Olympia Dental and Implant Center can work out a plan to fix it, so they don't have to go through their adult life with this issue.  


11 March 2015

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