Answering A Couple Of Important Root Canal Questions

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When a tooth become severely infected or damaged, a root canal can be one of the best options for restoring this damage. However, this is a procedure that has earned a negative reputation over the years, and many patients are uninformed about these procedures, which can cause them to need some help deciding on pursuing this dental treatment.

Not surprisingly, there are a couple of questions that dental patients often have concerning these treatments:

Is It Normal For The Filling Over The Root Canal To Wear Down?

During a root canal, your dentist will remove a portion of your tooth's exterior so that they can extract the diseased and damaged tissue from inside the tooth. This will necessitate placing a filling over the tooth, but it is common for dentists to prefer to install a temporary filling and wait until the tooth has healed to install the permanent one. 

Some patients may notice that this temporary filling may start to thin while they are wearing it. While this can be a somewhat uncomfortable issue to experience with our tooth, it is harmless and largely normal. Temporary fillings are not made of the most durable materials, and this makes them particularly vulnerable to wearing down. Luckily, you will not wear these long enough for this to become a major issue, 

Do You Have To Opt For A Root Canal?

Root canals are major procedures to undergo, and they are also somewhat expensive. As a result of these two factors, it is not uncommon for people to want to avoid this type of procedure. While this is an understandable goal, it should be noted that there are often no other procedures that can be used to save the natural tooth other than a root canal. 

The only other option that you can pursue would be to have the tooth removed and replaced with either a bridge or implant. Unfortunately, this will result in the complete loss of the natural tooth, and unless you opt for an implant, the bone in the jaw will start to wear down. 

When have the bad luck of develop a major tooth infection or damage, a root canal may be the only option for repairing this damage to your natural tooth. By understanding these commonly asked questions about root canals, you will be far better positioned to understand this procedure, which can help you to better understand your options and what to expect from having this procedure done to your tooth. 


30 April 2015

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