2 Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay From Forming Around Your Composite Filling

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Composite fillings are frequently used to help treat decayed teeth because they are fairly durable and easily match the color of your normal teeth. This allows you to hold onto your smile without worrying about dental restorations sticking out like a sore thumb. However, a composite filling does not mean that your tooth will not develop any further tooth decay. Tooth decay can form around the filling if you do not take care of your teeth properly. This can lead to severe dental damage that may require a root canal in order to fix the problem. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that tooth decay does not form around your composite filling.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

One of the biggest drivers of tooth decay is sugar. Sugary drinks often lead to tooth decay because people often do not see the need to brush their teeth after drinking apple juice or orange juice. Therefore, the sugar from the beverage sits on the rough areas of your teeth for hours. The more often that you consume these beverages without cleaning your teeth the more likely that tooth decay will form around your filling. You can avoid this by eliminating these beverages altogether or you can make sure to brush your teeth immediately after consuming some of your favorite drinks.

Use an Antibacterial Rinse When Outside of the House

If you often find yourself away from home, then you may have a hard time of keeping your mouth clean in between meals. A public restroom is not considered to be the most ideal place to carry out your dental care routine. However, carrying an antibacterial rinse with you outside of the home can make this easier. An antibacterial rinse has the ability to kill off bacteria and will remove food particles that may be stuck in between your teeth. You can purchase a portable rinse from the store or you can create your own from home by steeping thyme in hot water for a few hours. When using your rinse, make sure to use your cheeks to move the rinse throughout your mouth as quickly as possible. The extra force will dislodge particles.

If decay forms around your composite filling, then this can end up loosening the filling. A loose filling allows bacteria to seep underneath your tooth and cause further decay. Therefore, use these tips to help protect your composite filling from additional decay. For moreinformation, talk to a professional like John P Poovey DMD PC.


13 September 2016

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