2 Ways To Handle A Lost Filling

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If you have fillings, there is always the chance that something might happen to them and they fall out. It is a very small chance, but it still could happen. It could happen because more decay has gotten into the cavity and loosened the filling's grip on it, because you ate something that was very sticky and it pulled the filling out, or because you suffered some trauma to the mouth that damaged the tooth enough that the filling fell out. If you have lost a filling, the first thing to do is to see your dentist. They may not be able to see you immediately, so what can you do until they can see you?

Manage the Pain

The exposed part of your tooth may cause you to have some pain because of exposed nerves. If it does, there are several things you can use. One is that you can use something like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. They can help to control the pain. There are also topical painkillers that you can use. One of them is oil of cloves, which you should be able to find at your local pharmacy. If you are going to use a topical painkiller, make sure that you use a cotton swab to apply it so you can pinpoint the exact spot without making your tongue, lips, or cheek numb as well. 

Dental Wax

You can also use dental wax to seal the area with the cavity off. That will keep air from getting to the inside of the tooth and causing you pain. It can also help to keep debris out of the cavity. You probably won't be able to use the wax while you are eating because it is a soft product and can get scraped off. However, if you are very careful about how well you put the wax in and make sure it's flush with your tooth, you may be able to leave it in there while you are eating. You can find dental wax in the same aisle as toothpaste and toothbrushes. It is targeted towards people who wear braces to help keep the brackets from rubbing on their lips. Make sure that it is dental or brace wax and don't use a product that shouldn't be put in your mouth. 

If you have a filling fall out and you can't get in to see your dentist immediately, it's important to know what you can do about it. Contact a dentist like Kyle J Frisinger DMD to learn more.


14 December 2016

Coping With Dental Emergencies

My son was outside playing with some friends when he accidentally fell down and hit his mouth on the sidewalk. The fall knocked out his front tooth, so I immediately placed the tooth in a small jar and added some milk. I rushed my son to the dental clinic and the dentist immediately took us into the examination room. The dentist placed the tooth back into the socket and saved it. My name is Beverly Tillman and thanks to the quick work of the dentist, my son didn't lose his tooth. Since this was a scary time for me and my son, I wanted to write this blog as a source of information for other parents who are facing a dental emergency. First of all, don't panic and get to your dentist as soon as possible. I hope this blog will help to answer your questions about dental emergencies.