Should You Worry About A Chipped Tooth?

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If you've chipped your tooth, somebody might have told you that you need to go to the dentist to have an implant placed where the chipped tooth sits. On the surface, this might sound like overkill, but what if a chipped tooth caused other damage?

If you are unsure what to do about a chipped tooth, here's what you need to know.

You Should Always Visit a Dentist for a Chip

Even if you do not think that your chipped tooth is serious enough for a dental implant, it is important that you visit the dentist and have it checked out. You might not realize that your tooth is as bad as it is, and a dentist will make sure if an implant is the ideal solution to protect your teeth.

You Could Be at Risk for an Infection

If your tooth is damaged enough to benefit from an implant, there is a chance that leaving it alone will put you at risk for a dental infection. Dental infections can travel through the mouth and lead to a lot of serious pain (and a need for additional dental work).

Plus, an infection does not stay in your mouth. A dental infection can work its way through your body, leading to repercussions you never saw coming.

So, by treating your chipped tooth with an implant, you could actually be saving money, time, and pain in the long run. An implant will leave you with a fresh tooth that looks as natural as a regular tooth, so you won't have to worry about anybody noticing your dental work.

Dental Implants Offer Many Benefits

An implant is often used when the chip is very large and it would be beneficial to remove the tooth. Perhaps infection has already started to set in, and the dentist needs to place a solution right away.

If the dentist decides that the chip is large enough to remove your damaged tooth, the implant will prevent bone tissue loss and allow you to have a long-lasting solution. In fact, implants last much longer than many other solutions for chipped teeth.

Talk to Your Dentist Today

If you would benefit from dental implants to replace your chipped tooth, a dentist will let you know. If your tooth has been chipped, it is vital that you speak with a professional. Schedule your appointment to keep your teeth in great shape.


3 February 2022

Coping With Dental Emergencies

My son was outside playing with some friends when he accidentally fell down and hit his mouth on the sidewalk. The fall knocked out his front tooth, so I immediately placed the tooth in a small jar and added some milk. I rushed my son to the dental clinic and the dentist immediately took us into the examination room. The dentist placed the tooth back into the socket and saved it. My name is Beverly Tillman and thanks to the quick work of the dentist, my son didn't lose his tooth. Since this was a scary time for me and my son, I wanted to write this blog as a source of information for other parents who are facing a dental emergency. First of all, don't panic and get to your dentist as soon as possible. I hope this blog will help to answer your questions about dental emergencies.