How To Keep A Dental Emergency From Spoiling Your Vacation

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When you go on vacation, certain daily activities such as maintaining your oral hygiene might become disrupted. You may find yourself far away from the dentist you are familiar with, and you may find yourself engaged in activities that could lead to your teeth becoming damaged. But with the right preparations, you can enjoy your vacation and also keep your teeth healthy. Pack the Essentials Make sure to pack the essentials.

22 August 2018

Does Your Child Need To See The Dentist?

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Kids can't always tell you when they have dental pain. Here are signs your kid needs to see the dentist. Chewing food strangely Is your child chewing food to one side when they eat? Are they not chewing their food at all, but swallowing whole bits of food? Is your child chewing very slowly, especially compared to their normal pattern of rapid eating? If so, your child may be experiencing tooth pain and may be chewing around the pain to compensate for the discomfort.

24 July 2018

Understanding Dental Inlays And Onlays

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Your smile is important for many reasons. Not only will a healthy smile help you eat and speak properly, but it can also benefit your emotional health. While surprising to hear, a healthy, appealing smile will improve your appearance, increase your self-esteem, and make you happier and more successful. Unfortunately, certain issues can affect the look and underlying health of your teeth. That is where cosmetic dentistry comes into play. With this guide, you will learn the differences between inlays and onlays to help you determine which option is right for restoring your smile back to a healthy, appealing state.

25 June 2018

3 Factors That Can Increase Your Risk For Gum Disease

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While not brushing and flossing on a regular basis is the primary reason most people develop gum disease, there are other, less common reasons for gingivitis. If you brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis and still develop gum disease, see your dentist. You may have a condition known to heighten your risk for gingivitis. Here are three factors that can raise your risk for gum disease and what you can do about them.

25 May 2018

3 Vital Questions To Ask Your New Cosmetic Dentist

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Do you have teeth that are less than perfect? Are you someone who actively tries to avoid smiling as much as possible to prevent people from being able to see your teeth? Whether because of an accident, genetics, or some other factor, it's not uncommon to have teeth that are crooked, missing, or simply discolored. Fortunately, this is also something that you don't have to put up with. There are many dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry services and who can restore your smile to one that you've always wanted.

24 April 2018

Signs Your Veneers Need To Be Replaced

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Veneers can be used to transform the appearance of your teeth. But they are not designed to last forever. Your veneers will need to be replaced at some point in time. Their exact lifespan depends on many different factors, including the material they are made from, the type of cement that was used to bond them to your teeth, how well they fit your teeth, how well cared for they are, and the types of food and drinks you consume.

24 March 2018

What Are Dental Implants?

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If you have lost a tooth to some kind of trauma, like an accident or something that has knocked a tooth out, you may worry about the way that the gap in your mouth looks. You may also worry about eating, depending on where the tooth is. Even missing one tooth can make it harder to chew some food, which can mean that you aren't eating the foods that you like.

5 March 2018