4 Devices Beyond A Toothbrush And Floss That Help Effectively Clean Your Mouth

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If you are looking for additional dental tools for your at-home oral health regimen, there are multiple devices available beyond a toothbrush and dental floss that can help keep your mouth free of plaque. Plaque, which is the sticky substance that is formed when oral bacteria combine with leftover particles of food, can quickly incite tooth decay. The bacteria in the plaque feed on the carbohydrates in the mouth and release acid that weakens tooth enamel and promotes tooth decay.

1 July 2016

Tips For Protecting Your Dental Health While Completing Chemotherapy Treatments

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When you're diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, you probably already expect the nausea and fatigue and similar physical side effects. What you might not understand is how chemotherapy can affect your dental health. Before you start treatment, make a point to reach out to your dentist. He or she will do a full exam and help you understand what types of things you should watch for. Here are a few common dental issues you might experience during chemotherapy and some tips to help you manage them.

13 June 2016

Avoiding Future Cavities With Dental Sealant

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If you are particularly prone to cavities or are worried about the health of your child's new permanent teeth, you may be intrigued by the concept of dental sealant. This clear coat of non-toxic plastic is lightly brushed over the back molars to protect nooks and crannies that might not be reached by a toothbrush, particularly for young patients who may not have perfected their brushing technique yet. The procedure itself is fast, simple and non-invasive, and it can typically be performed by a dental hygienist as part of a regular examination.

23 May 2016

Have Tooth Discoloration? Here Are Reasons To Choose Veneers

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If you have discoloration of your teeth, whether from age, smoking cigarettes, or drinking dark liquids, you might be thinking about getting teeth whitening. However, whitening has a variety of drawbacks, including not being as effective as you might hope. Your other option is to get dental veneers, which are made with pieces of porcelain that fit over the top surface of your teeth. Here are some reasons to choose veneers for staining and discoloration as opposed to teeth whitening.

6 May 2016

Questions And Answers About Veneers

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There are many different cosmetic dental applications that can help improve the appearance of your teeth. However, few applications are as versatile and effective at transforming the teeth as dental veneers are. Here is a bit of information about dental veneers to help you understand the benefits associated with this application: From what material are veneers usually made? Dental veneers are usually fashioned from resin or porcelain. The thin sheets of material are bonded to the front surface of the teeth to cover imperfections.

19 April 2016

3 Ways To Get A Better Smile Without Veneers

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A great smile can do wonders for a person's self esteem and appearance. Getting straight white teeth, however, can be a process. There are many different ways that cosmetic dentistry can help someone achieve their ideal smile. The hard part is usually determining which procedures will give the best results. Veneers are one way that many improve their smiles. They are porcelain or composite shells that are attached to the tooth in order to improve the shape and color of the tooth.

30 March 2016

Oh No! You Cracked A Tooth...Now What?

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Although your teeth are made to be strong and withstand cracking or breaking, but cracking a tooth is not uncommon. Even with practicing good oral care and regular visits to your dentist, a tooth can crack if there is excessive force applied to the tooth. For example, if you are hit in the mouth during an accident or if you bite down on a nut that is still in the shell, the blunt force and the pressure can crack a tooth.

4 March 2016

Opting For Dental Implants To Repair Unappealing Teeth

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Do you lack the confidence to apply for a particular job because your teeth are not appealing to look at when you smile? Depending on the condition of your oral health, you might be able to get your teeth repaired with dental implants so you can have the confidence needed to apply for the job position before it is filled. Learn some of the reasons why opting for dental implants is a great way to get satisfactory results for your teeth without having to wait a long time.

12 February 2016

Keep Your Teeth Looking Naturally Great

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For some people, it seems as if simply brushing their teeth each day is enough to keep their teeth looking great. However, most people find they aren't so lucky. Other people can have reasons for their teeth not looking so great. If you have a problem with the looks of your teeth, whether it be due to thin enamel, naturally jagged teeth, chips, gaps or side effects of a medication, there are still options for you that will help you to have the great-looking smile you always wanted.

21 January 2016

No More Meds! 3 Ways To Treat Root Canal Pain Naturally With Garlic

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Relying on medications can be beneficial, but some people don't like taking prescription pain medications due to the side effects associated with these drugs. If your dentist prescribes a pain killer after you have a root canal, there may be other ways to control the pain. Here are three natural remedies using garlic you can try to help alleviate root canal pain without a prescription in the future. 1. Garlic and Salt

5 January 2016