How You Can Have An Immediate Dental Implant Without Surgery

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Dental implants are inserted into the jaw through the soft tissues of the gums. Patients receive an anesthetic beforehand, as some drilling is required. But as far as oral surgery goes, having a dental implant placed is fairly non-invasive. Surgery is needed for implantation because your jaw and the soft tissues above have had a chance to heal (and therefore close up) after your tooth was lost. What if they weren't given that chance?

28 November 2022

Dental Implants Are An Effective Way To Replace One Or Several Missing Teeth

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If you have missing teeth, dental implants might be the solution. A dentist can evaluate your mouth to see if implants are suitable, and if so, they can determine how many implants you need and if you need any bone grafts. Here is more information about dental implants.  Implants Keep Your Teeth From Shifting One reason it's important to get implants where you have gaps caused by missing teeth is that your teeth can shift if you don't have a full set of teeth.

18 October 2022

Cutting Costs Or Cutting Corners: Are Acrylic Dental Veneers Worth The Money?

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In some matters, cutting costs and cutting corners are one and the same. You might be interested in cutting costs when it comes to your cosmetic dental needs, but cutting corners should be avoided. However, it can be difficult to make this call sometimes. The comparatively low price of composite resin dental veneers can be awfully tempting, but do these types of veneers simply cut too many corners to be worthwhile?

16 September 2022

Debunking The Top 4 Myths About Dental Crowns

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If you have a tooth that's severely damaged, you may be looking at ways to save it. Dental crowns are one of the most popular options to save damaged teeth because they don't involve extraction. They also restore the function and appearance of your weak teeth.  Despite the popularity of dental crowns, many myths still float around that may prevent you from getting them. To help you learn the truth, this article debunks the top four myths about dental crowns.

11 August 2022

Reasons For Getting Porcelain Veneers

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If you have an issue with the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, your dentist will recommend several solutions, including porcelain veneers. Dentists place porcelain veneers at the front of your teeth to cover unappealing-looking teeth. Your dentist will first get the shape of your natural teeth to allow makers of porcelain veneers to produce custom-made ones to suit your needs. They will follow up with an appointment to bond the veneers to your teeth.

13 July 2022

How To Care For Your New Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are ceramic or porcelain, which makes them durable. Porcelain crowns are even harder than your natural teeth. This means they may last a decade or more if you care for your crowns. In some cases, dental crowns can last much longer than that. How long your new dental crown lasts depends on how well you care for it. Here are some tips to help you care for your new dental crown.

27 May 2022

Is Your Jaw Alignment Making You Mumble?

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When people think about braces, often their minds go directly to crooked teeth. However, there's a lot more that orthodontics can help with that goes beyond simple overcrowded teeth. If you have a mumbling problem that you can't seem to overcome, it may not be your fault. Depending on the alignment of your jaw, it may be contributing to or completely causing your mumbling. Here's how: Tongue Position You may not give it much thought, but your tongue plays a huge role in your ability to speak.

11 March 2022

How To Tell If Your Dental Enamel Has Seen Better Days

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Enamel, the hard shell on the outside of your tooth, is the leading defense against developing cavities and infections in your teeth. However, the enamel isn't invincible. If it's worn down or damaged over time, it can become less effective at doing its job, and may increase your risk for developing cavities or other tooth problems as a result. While a dentist can tell you right away if your dental enamel is in poor shape, there are some ways you can tell at home, too.

11 March 2022

Should You Worry About A Chipped Tooth?

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If you've chipped your tooth, somebody might have told you that you need to go to the dentist to have an implant placed where the chipped tooth sits. On the surface, this might sound like overkill, but what if a chipped tooth caused other damage? If you are unsure what to do about a chipped tooth, here's what you need to know. You Should Always Visit a Dentist for a Chip

3 February 2022